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Darwinian Poetry, pt. 1 PLUS Photobucket-emptying

So I wasn't going to post any Darwinian Poetry icons until I was done with them all, but then some circumstances happened, and I thought, what the hey? I've finished everything I've started . . .

Anyhow, Darwinian Poetry is one of the awesomest things in the history of ever, and a couple months ago I had the idea to make icons of them. But since I'm not the "serious artist" type of icon-maker, I got distracted by fandom contests and so on. But I made a bunch of icons of the more evocative/illustratable fragments, and I have a Word file with a whole bunch more that I occasionally add to when I need distraction.

Also -- I like commentage, and creditage is also nice. As in, please to be doing both.

Darwinian Poetry:

Harry Potter:

truly random:

Thanks to bluerobin for inspiring three out of the four, and for giving permission to share the one that quotes her on the Swedish fish.

Tolkien (LotR & Silm):

Thangorodrim based on a (locked) post by huinesoron.

Star Wars:

Narnia (no movie spoilers):

(Organization based on length. Because the movie in History made me feel Koranic.)

COMMENT AND CREDIT. Or I kill. I mean, really, it makes me deliriously happy whenever I see any of my icons used. But you should tell other people that *I* made them, so they can get them too. See? And I like to have some sort of warning before I see these things all over.
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